Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Egebant A.Ş. pay attention that we treat ‘equally’ and act ‘responsibly’ towards all the stakeholders with the purpose of establishing ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

It is one of our main objectives and targets to ensure that our Corporate Social Responsibility projects create sustainable benefits.

Considering the public interest in our actions to achieve the target of sustainable growth since 1969, we are continuing to work and make efforts in the fields of environment and education & training etc.

At the same time, we take measures to protect environment and occupational health.

We at Egebant A.Ş. aim to maintain the life quality and increase the level of economic growth and welfare by treating equally and responsibly towards every living being in the nature, and support the sustainable development.

Accordingly, Egebant A.Ş. always makes efforts to offer solutions that would be beneficial for both people and environment through the products we develop.

This awareness makes us to act responsibly and remain sensitive towards our society, future, environment and relationships with our stakeholders beyond the requirements and, make investments to that end accordingly.

Some examples from our “Corporate Social Responsibility” projects:

Taking an innovative, courageous and participatory step in order to create permanent values, become a global and leading brand and, remain loyal to our values, we’ve eagerly and excitedly participated in the project “Fırsatı Eşitle Yeteneği Çeşitle/Equalize Opportunity, Diversify Talent” coordinated by TAYSAD. This project addresses the targets of prioritizing equal opportunities, inclusive working environment and diversity with a gender mainstreaming approach. We are proud of being a part of this project that is in line with the values of Egebant. We wish these types of efforts would continue in order to enhance gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities. 

Egebant “An Ocean Every Year” Project

With the project “An Ocean Every Year” Egebant put into practice in 2018,

  • Libraries are allocated to village schools in need after an examination is carried out upon request.
  • It is aimed to provide support to at least one library every year named by Egebant.
  • Egebant put into service a library with 2000 books in Gürakar Elementary School located in district of Siverek, Şanlıurfa in June, 2018.
  • At the same time, we’ve supplied anti-slip tapes from our occupational safety product group in order to raise the awareness of children and contribute to the healthy education conditions.

We Care About Goodness!

We at Egebant are;

  • Aware of our responsibility for the society.
  • Continuing our social responsibility projects in many areas such as education, environment and health. 

We Support Green!

Within the scope of the “Egebant A.Ş. Environmental Policy”, we make efforts in respect of recyclable waste materials in a sustainable manner.

Accordingly, we carefully choose all the equipment and tools we use including office supplies to make sure that they are environmentally friendly.